Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nevermind, OK?

So, I decided the last post was way too serious. I would like to keep these posts a little light and frothy, ya know?  The last one was sad, exciting, and just plain confusing.

We will be staying in Bama for at least another year. I know, I know. Don't be mad at me.  The minute Mark and I decided to make it official by telling everyone we were leaving, we got a interesting phone call.  Mark's current co. he had been working for called and counter offered.  They offered us a pay raise and we could move anywhere in the southeast! So, naturally we will stay here until the housing market picks up. So all my Knoxville peeps, we will be coming home.......just not in six months. Lets readdress this subject in a year, shall we?

Other than that, we've had some fun with eating out lately.

Don't judge me on my kid's really healthy eating habits, ok?

Oh, and I always feel like I never post enough pictures of Noe. Don't think bad of me for that, she's just a hard one to catch, that Noe!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February......the month of looooooove!

Wow oh wow what a month!! So many things have happened that I might just forget to tell you something!

First off, Noe was baptized! What a wonderful day it was.  We did the baptism in Knoxville, TN. so her father could baptize her.  The whole family came!  I gave a talk on the holy ghost.....which was not the best but, Noe seemed to enjoy it, so thats all that matters!  I have to say I am one proud mom.  Noe is such a sweet and amazing spirit.  She always amazes me with her giving, nuturing, attitude!  She will be a great member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and receive many blessings from her choice to join.  Its always exciting to think of the life your children will have. What an exciting time this is in their lives.  I always even look forward to the bad decsions they will make, because these are the ones that make us better.....and stronger.  Its a neat time in our lives, watching our children become who they are meant to be, and fullfilling as a parent, because it shows you that you are doing something right. Enough said on that.

KNOXVILLE????  That was the question that came out of my mouth a few weeks ago.  Mark had a job interview that would take us home......but, is that home anymore?  I have to admit the thought sounds nice. No more driving once a month to knoxville for just a weekend and no more stressing over the holidays and having our lives disrupted to accomodate my X-husband. It would make life easier. Hoover though, has become my home.  I have met so many new and wonderful people here. Ok, so when Mark accepted the job......I cried. Not because I was happy, but because I will miss it here. You have to understand this is a bitter sweet moment to me.  Two years ago if the opportunity had been offered I would of shouted it from the roof tops, "We're coming home!!!", but now.....I might just bow out quietly. I mean, Mark and I had OUR first child here, our first house, a new church, and blessings that sometimes I cant even comprehend.  Maybe I will move to Knoxville and still take monthly visits to Birmingham.....or I mean, home:)

So, here's the deal. We have six months to sell this house and, if you have'nt heard, the housing market stinks. At the end of the six months, if we have'nt sold this house, we could possible end up staying here, still with the new job just a different territory. The ultimate goal, however, is to sell and get to knoxville. So, I guess we will broach this subject again in a few months. Prayers would be much appreciated, not so much for a move, but for Heavenly Father to do whats best for our family.

Lyla is doing good. She is becoming a little parrot and copying everything we say! The new one is "Oh my goodness!" which is cute but, we have to make sure she is saying "goodness", and not something else.  Gotta love the toddler era.....times I will NEVER forget!

So other than getting the news we would be moving, stressing on getting the house ready for showings, and getting sick to my stomach over the thought of packing, I'm good!!  I actually have had a big month myself!  I returned to the temple for the first time in 7 years on the 24th! That was an amazing day too....one I worked for for a long time, and I walked in.....worthy.
Until next time......