Monday, April 25, 2011

Tindall trips and Easter fun

We went to the beach!!  We have lived in Bama for two years now and have never seen the sandy white beaches of Gulf shores. We only went for the weekend but, came away with tons of good stories! The funniest story was how I wound up with 2nd degree burns. Yep, true story.  It was foggy out OK?! I wasn't thinking of sunscreen!  We were out in the sun for about 7 hours and not once did I apply sunscreen. Stupid and lesson learned.  Other than that, it was great! Fresh seafood, lots of ice cream, and can't forget....outlet shopping!

Ok, so this was at this place called the "Hangout". Lots of family fun but, really messy for OCD moms. Trust me, my kids were drenched in soapy goodness but, you only live once, right?

Of course everyone needs the traditional, "family beach pic in khaki pants and white tops" picture. Who am I to disrupt trends?

Then the weekend after the beach we headed to Atlanta to the LDS temple open house! It was amazing, of course.  It was kind of nice to be in a temple and see my husband standing beside me.....*sigh* maybe one day:)

I can't forget that Lyla turned two!!! So sad.  My little baby is growing up.  I have to say she just might be spoiled too. For her birthday she got a huge swing set, which I caught myself second guessing since I felt too lazy to take her outside to swing today.  Minnie mouse was the theme and hamburgers and hot dogs were on the menu!

Special thanks to daddy, who with special help from our great friend James, got that swing set put together.

Last but certainly not least, are these fabo Easter pics.

Oh wait there's more.

Getting slightly irritated.

We aren't done yet!

 Best. Easter. Pic. EVER.

Ok, this one is pretty good too.

Happy Easter, from the Tindalls!