Monday, September 19, 2011

Lions, tigers, and pregnancy...oh my!!

We went to the zoo this month.  I thought it would be fun since Lyla could now understand and identify all the different little critters we saw.  She basically has talked about it ever since....her favorite being the elephant!!

 This was the priceless smile I got after the elephant!

We got to ride the choo choo too!

Pregnancy this go round has not been so bad.  I'm just now starting to get uncomfortable and I only go to the bathroom literally every five minutes but, I've dealt with worse! The usual aches and pains, odd vision changes, and the getting beat from the inside are all familiar to me by now! I find solace in the fact that I probably only have about 10 more weeks left of the abuse...well, then the REAL abuse begins.  I always go at least two weeks early. Cervix don't fail me now!

This weekend I also bought West two outfits. That's right folks, my son officially has 3 outfits in his closet. I have had the worst time finding cute boy clothes. No more pink, frilly, tulle, or sweet little hair bows for me. Now its footballs, light blue (which for some reason I'm not a fan of), and weird farm animals. Where should I shop??!  Babies R Us is my only reassurance that cute rocker boy clothes exist and I can dress him more manly than monkey.  I really need to get started on buying SOMETHING for this kid....I mean, at least a pack of diapers. Plus, I have Christmas shopping that has to get done before he gets here, or my kids will have a pretty bummer Christmas.

At least I can bring him home in something boyish and NOT a tutu.  Of course that all depends on if I bring him home at all since we haven't gotten a car seat, either;)