Monday, February 13, 2012

Tummy troubles

Well, I am finally rested enough to blog again.  These last few weeks have been rough!  West has been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. Therefore, I had to stop breast feeding. Worst. Thing. Ever.  If you knew me you knew I hadn't always had the best luck with breast feeding but, this time it was going great! Then West starting breaking out and his eyes starting swelling shut. He screamed ALL the time.  The doctor told us to switch to formula due to the fact that dairy is in everything. Dr. Waldo used scary words like anaphylaxis and a phrase like "Rush to the emergency room". It was too risky to continue the breast, we had to go on this.

Nutramigen. Ugh. This stuff smells like thrown up cheese nips and the cost is ridiculous. For this size can we have to pay 35 bucks. Between labor and delivery, NICU, constant trips to the doctor, and now having to buy this stuff, we have decided West is one expensive kid. We still love him, though. He is starting to do better now. He is definitely more needy than the girls were. He is picky on how he wants to be held, picky on where he wants to play and how long, and definitely picky about how he lays when he sleeps. He HAS to lay in his boppy on his side. I have no idea what we are going to do when he grows out of the boppy!! As sleep deprived as I've been, though, I don't care how he wants to sleep...just as long as he does it.

Noe turned 9 this month!! I can't believe I am the parent of a 9 year old.  She went to her dad's to spend her birthday. She got a new bike from us and some Beyblades. I think Mark got the Beyblades for him too!  She had a Justin Beiber cake and a bowling birthday party. Sweet, sweet, Noe.

Now, we could never forget to talk about Ms. Lyla. She is such a good helper with baby West!! Always getting his pacifier for him, or getting a diaper for me to change him with.  Her new favorite thing though is to get completely naked as soon as she wakes up. Completely. It doesn't matter how cold it is or who I tell her is coming over, she has to take her clothes off.  We have had several play dates lately and I always have to bribe her to put her clothes on. It never fails though, halfway through the play date you will look over and she will be butt naked. I am really hoping this is just a faze.....I would hate to have to bribe her when she's 16 too:)

She now tells me too, everyday, that she's sick and needs to got to the "hosbibal", (to translate, she means hospital). She had so much fun coming to the hospital to see me because everywhere I went she got to go with me in the wheel chair. So, every morning before she gets naked she tells me she's sooooo sick and needs to go to the hospital to see Dr. Johnson (my OB-GYN). My favorite conversation as of late went like this,

Lyla: I'm so sick, I need to go to the hosbibal.
Me: Oh no, what's wrong?
Lyla: My knees hurt real bad.

Keep in mind to that this is said in the most pitiful voice I've ever heard. She is nuts!

This past weekend we went back to Knoxville for the first time since West was born. It was the first time that his great grandma got to see him. I got to take some pretty cute pictures of this event.

We hit up the park this past week too. The weather here has been amazing! So last weekend we did the park and then went to Five Guys for dinner.....who needs to lose baby weight, right?

And lastly, there is this picture.

Don't ask questions. Just laugh.....we sure did.