Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three's company

On December 5th I went to my regular weekly check-up feeling frustrated, tired, and sore from contracting on and off all night long.  Dr. Johnson told me I was 3cm's dilated and about 90% effaced. He told me to get ready, it would be with in the week!  We called Mark's mother and she started to Alabama that very night. Tuesday was uneventful. We went for a walk but, it was no help.....that night. Wednesday morning I woke up at 7 a.m. to my first contraction, another at 7:06, 7:12, 7:18, and finally at 7:30 I told Mark we needed to head to St. Vincents. When I got to the hospital I was dilated to a four and the doctor said it was time!

He was definitely my longest pregnancy, and longest labor but, gosh he was worth it. Dr. Johnson laid him on my chest and I fell in love. The only other man I will love other than my husband for the rest of my life.

After delivery the nurses noticed he was breathing a little faster than most babies should.  They said he had swallowed a lot of fluid but, they hoped in a few hours he would work it out on his own and be fine.  I never thought it would be an issue. Thursday morning came and my nurse said West's glucose was low, which meant he was burning a lot fuel to keep up with breathing. It was time for the NICU. The NICU will humble you in a second.  When we went I was feeling sorry for myself. I knew West would be fine, it was never IF he would come home just WHEN. I remember sitting in the NICU tears running down my face and looking directly to my right. There in an incubator was a tiny 2 lb baby named Caraleigh. One day later there were triplets that were born at 23 weeks gestation, they soon turned to twins. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put me in that situation. He knew I needed to be grateful for what I had and not questioning why this was happening to us. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. As terrible as it was to see my son hooked up to monitors and having an IV, I am thankful for that NICU. I am thankful for nurses, doctors, and 2 lb babies named Caraleigh.

Proud Dr. Johnson

2nd day in the NICU

The first moment I saw him (excuse the way I look, I DID just give birth)

Holding West in the NICU

West is now fine. He was only in the NICU for four days. At his two week check up he had already gained a pound! He obviously is eating and now breathing just fine. We are truly blessed to have our family, all at home and safe and sound.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween fun!

When asking Lyla the other day what she would like for Christmas she replied, "Halloween". Excuse me? Lyla had so much fun for Halloween that she decided she wanted to ask Santa to bring Halloween back! She obviously doesn't remember the whole Christmas experience.

Noe was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Lyla was a pirate!! Notice Lyla had already broke into the chocolate while trick or treating:)

A couple of weeks ago my great friend Renee came to visit from Tennessee.  She is starting her own business doing photography and decided to come practice on us. She did some great pictures! I hope she knows how much of a big deal this was for me. I don't like to see myself big and pregnant but, for her I did it! She's one of the best friends ever!

I do have beautiful girls, if I do say so myself!

Baby West is on his way! I am officially 6 weeks away from my due date but, could have as little as three weeks left since I had Lyla at 37 weeks.  I don't feel as terrible as I did with the girls at this point, which is great. Maybe it's I don't have TIME to feel horrible since I have the girls. He is sitting alot lower than the girls did, which causes more pressure but, also leaves more room for my stomach to eat! Contractions this time have been way more intense than they were with the girls. I haven't had anything regular enough to call the doctor but, when they do come I'm in pain for a couple of hours. This better not mean I will have a painful delivery! As long as they can stay pretty weak but, regular my epidural should kick in before the real pain starts!

So my next post hopefully will be all about my new little guy. Wish me luck!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lions, tigers, and pregnancy...oh my!!

We went to the zoo this month.  I thought it would be fun since Lyla could now understand and identify all the different little critters we saw.  She basically has talked about it ever since....her favorite being the elephant!!

 This was the priceless smile I got after the elephant!

We got to ride the choo choo too!

Pregnancy this go round has not been so bad.  I'm just now starting to get uncomfortable and I only go to the bathroom literally every five minutes but, I've dealt with worse! The usual aches and pains, odd vision changes, and the getting beat from the inside are all familiar to me by now! I find solace in the fact that I probably only have about 10 more weeks left of the abuse...well, then the REAL abuse begins.  I always go at least two weeks early. Cervix don't fail me now!

This weekend I also bought West two outfits. That's right folks, my son officially has 3 outfits in his closet. I have had the worst time finding cute boy clothes. No more pink, frilly, tulle, or sweet little hair bows for me. Now its footballs, light blue (which for some reason I'm not a fan of), and weird farm animals. Where should I shop??!  Babies R Us is my only reassurance that cute rocker boy clothes exist and I can dress him more manly than monkey.  I really need to get started on buying SOMETHING for this kid....I mean, at least a pack of diapers. Plus, I have Christmas shopping that has to get done before he gets here, or my kids will have a pretty bummer Christmas.

At least I can bring him home in something boyish and NOT a tutu.  Of course that all depends on if I bring him home at all since we haven't gotten a car seat, either;)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bambinos and birthdays

So, for those of you that don't already know.....we are having a BOY in December! I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this.  Girls are just easy for me now! I mean, I know how to handle a girl, all you do is put in beauty and the beast and all is well with the world. I put Lyla in the shower with me this morning to save time.....can you even do that with a boy? Is that weird? So many silly questions JUST like that I have.  Poor kid, I hope he will be patient with me!!

Noe started 3rd grade last week.

Of course Lyla had to have a picture too

Third grade has already been eventful! We have officially been in school for 4 whole days and we have already had one fundraiser packet sent home, homework every night, and the first cold virus of the season has attacked the house. Nice.

Last weekend I turned the big 2-9. Mark and I celebrated with absolutely no children. Does that sound bad? Mama needed a break, so we went to Atlanta.  We went to see the Chicago Cubs play the Atlanta Braves. Unfortunately, the Cubs lost.  Chipper Jones was actually hitting a home run for the braves as we walked into the park.....hence the fireworks. 

We stayed at the the downtown Hilton and woke up on my birthday to a completely kid free meal at Cracker Barrel! Then we drove home and hit the outlets on our way.....and ULTA!! What birthday is complete without a little Ulta shopping?  I have to say it was one of the best birthdays ever. I have the best husband ever!!

This was the view from our hotel room


Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm the worst blogger ever!!

I am officially the worst blogger ever!  There really hasn't been much going on anyway unless you count the news that I'm PREGNANT!  Yep, 17 weeks and counting, and I couldn't be happier that the first trimester is over.  Thank God for second trimesters....women just wouldn't continue to torture themselves without it!  I was sick, tired, had terrible headaches, and crazy food cravings and aversions. Now, I am gaining weight and getting bigger, I have a baby bump!  The new baby will grace us with their presence in December and we couldn't be any more excited!  Pray that I can handle 3, ok? I am scared to death!

Seriously, other than that its been pretty slow.  Fourth of July was fun and was spent in Knoxville at Mark's parents house. 

Today is Mark and I's 4 year anniversary!  The best four years of my life.  Full of ups, downs, anger, and love......he is my best friend and I couldn't be happier.

Next time if you're lucky, you might get a really cool ultrasound picture.  Will the Tindall girl trend countinue or will a boy join us in December? Tune in in August to find out!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tindall trips and Easter fun

We went to the beach!!  We have lived in Bama for two years now and have never seen the sandy white beaches of Gulf shores. We only went for the weekend but, came away with tons of good stories! The funniest story was how I wound up with 2nd degree burns. Yep, true story.  It was foggy out OK?! I wasn't thinking of sunscreen!  We were out in the sun for about 7 hours and not once did I apply sunscreen. Stupid and lesson learned.  Other than that, it was great! Fresh seafood, lots of ice cream, and can't forget....outlet shopping!

Ok, so this was at this place called the "Hangout". Lots of family fun but, really messy for OCD moms. Trust me, my kids were drenched in soapy goodness but, you only live once, right?

Of course everyone needs the traditional, "family beach pic in khaki pants and white tops" picture. Who am I to disrupt trends?

Then the weekend after the beach we headed to Atlanta to the LDS temple open house! It was amazing, of course.  It was kind of nice to be in a temple and see my husband standing beside me.....*sigh* maybe one day:)

I can't forget that Lyla turned two!!! So sad.  My little baby is growing up.  I have to say she just might be spoiled too. For her birthday she got a huge swing set, which I caught myself second guessing since I felt too lazy to take her outside to swing today.  Minnie mouse was the theme and hamburgers and hot dogs were on the menu!

Special thanks to daddy, who with special help from our great friend James, got that swing set put together.

Last but certainly not least, are these fabo Easter pics.

Oh wait there's more.

Getting slightly irritated.

We aren't done yet!

 Best. Easter. Pic. EVER.

Ok, this one is pretty good too.

Happy Easter, from the Tindalls!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nevermind, OK?

So, I decided the last post was way too serious. I would like to keep these posts a little light and frothy, ya know?  The last one was sad, exciting, and just plain confusing.

We will be staying in Bama for at least another year. I know, I know. Don't be mad at me.  The minute Mark and I decided to make it official by telling everyone we were leaving, we got a interesting phone call.  Mark's current co. he had been working for called and counter offered.  They offered us a pay raise and we could move anywhere in the southeast! So, naturally we will stay here until the housing market picks up. So all my Knoxville peeps, we will be coming home.......just not in six months. Lets readdress this subject in a year, shall we?

Other than that, we've had some fun with eating out lately.

Don't judge me on my kid's really healthy eating habits, ok?

Oh, and I always feel like I never post enough pictures of Noe. Don't think bad of me for that, she's just a hard one to catch, that Noe!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February......the month of looooooove!

Wow oh wow what a month!! So many things have happened that I might just forget to tell you something!

First off, Noe was baptized! What a wonderful day it was.  We did the baptism in Knoxville, TN. so her father could baptize her.  The whole family came!  I gave a talk on the holy ghost.....which was not the best but, Noe seemed to enjoy it, so thats all that matters!  I have to say I am one proud mom.  Noe is such a sweet and amazing spirit.  She always amazes me with her giving, nuturing, attitude!  She will be a great member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and receive many blessings from her choice to join.  Its always exciting to think of the life your children will have. What an exciting time this is in their lives.  I always even look forward to the bad decsions they will make, because these are the ones that make us better.....and stronger.  Its a neat time in our lives, watching our children become who they are meant to be, and fullfilling as a parent, because it shows you that you are doing something right. Enough said on that.

KNOXVILLE????  That was the question that came out of my mouth a few weeks ago.  Mark had a job interview that would take us home......but, is that home anymore?  I have to admit the thought sounds nice. No more driving once a month to knoxville for just a weekend and no more stressing over the holidays and having our lives disrupted to accomodate my X-husband. It would make life easier. Hoover though, has become my home.  I have met so many new and wonderful people here. Ok, so when Mark accepted the job......I cried. Not because I was happy, but because I will miss it here. You have to understand this is a bitter sweet moment to me.  Two years ago if the opportunity had been offered I would of shouted it from the roof tops, "We're coming home!!!", but now.....I might just bow out quietly. I mean, Mark and I had OUR first child here, our first house, a new church, and blessings that sometimes I cant even comprehend.  Maybe I will move to Knoxville and still take monthly visits to Birmingham.....or I mean, home:)

So, here's the deal. We have six months to sell this house and, if you have'nt heard, the housing market stinks. At the end of the six months, if we have'nt sold this house, we could possible end up staying here, still with the new job just a different territory. The ultimate goal, however, is to sell and get to knoxville. So, I guess we will broach this subject again in a few months. Prayers would be much appreciated, not so much for a move, but for Heavenly Father to do whats best for our family.

Lyla is doing good. She is becoming a little parrot and copying everything we say! The new one is "Oh my goodness!" which is cute but, we have to make sure she is saying "goodness", and not something else.  Gotta love the toddler era.....times I will NEVER forget!

So other than getting the news we would be moving, stressing on getting the house ready for showings, and getting sick to my stomach over the thought of packing, I'm good!!  I actually have had a big month myself!  I returned to the temple for the first time in 7 years on the 24th! That was an amazing day I worked for for a long time, and I walked in.....worthy.
Until next time......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shall we begin?

Well, to get a feel for this Tindall family I need to explain where we come from.  Mark and I were married in July of 2007.....on a Sunday.  Yep folks, I said it, Sunday.  That's how we do things. Differently.  I was married previously and Noe, my oldest, is from that marriage.  A year and a half after Mark and I were married we had the joy of welcoming Ms. Lyla Kay to our family.

Now.  Noe is my sweet one.  Don't get me wrong, Lyla CAN be really sweet but, she's nuts.  Noe is very docile and kind....always thinking of others especially her sister.  Lyla is very much a toddler. Everything is "mine" or the answer to EVERY question is "no".  I like her though, she keeps me chuckling.

Mark. Mark wears the pants in the family.  I feel kinda bad for him, though.  He is surrounded by girls.....and he surrendered a looooong time ago.  The only boy he has in the house is a neurotic english bulldog named Albert, and even he's been neutered.  One day, maybe, he will get his boy....and I will let him have him, completely.

Mandy.  I stay at home with my girls...which I kinda like.  That never use to be the case.  Staying at home at first made me depressed.  Now, I realize what a blessing it is and could'nt imagine another way.  I will go back to school once the kiddos are old enough!  Nursing school will make me complete, but for now being a mother is my greatest calling.  I like pedicures, movies, chocolate, quoting movie lines, sleep, excersise, and food.  The food one a little too much. Oh, and I'm Mormon.

In this blog you will hear me complain of toddler trials, pregnancy woes (yes,eventually there will be more Tindalls), and my weird perspective on life and how I laugh at it.  I look forward to it.  I hope you do too.